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My call credit code doesn’t work

Mobiletopup call credit codes are unique and can only be issued once. The codes should always work, in combination with the right provider. Find out how to redeem your code for each provider on the top up instructions page. Follow the steps to top up your Pay as you Go account balance. If you are still unable to top up, please contact your service provider. You'll find the phone number of the main providers on the contact page.

If the code doesn’t seem to be working, please check if you’ve entered the correct code and if you’ve bought call credit for the right provider. Also check if your SIM card is still active by requesting your call credit balance. In addition, it’s possible that an error occurred within the service system of the provider. If that’s the case, please try again later.

If you've checked all the options mentioned above and you're still having trouble topping up, we advise you to contact the customer service of your own provider. They are able to check your code and, if needed, redeem your code manually. Please keep your top up code and the serial number nearby (you can find these codes in the confirmation email).

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