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I haven't received my code

After you’ve finished ordering, we will send a confirmation email with the code to the provided email address within 30 seconds. Didn’t receive your order? Please check your spam folder. Did you request to receive your voucher code via text message? Maybe you accidentally entered the wrong phone number. If you still can't find the email or text message you can always use the option to resend your last order.

Still didn’t receive your code after using this option or did you receive an old order? Then you may have entered a wrong email address. In that case, please contact us so we can change it for you.

Occasionally, it could be the case that the payment has to be checked manually. We carry out this check to ensure our customers’ safety. In most cases, you'll receive the code within 24 hours on business days. Should you not hear from us within 24 hours, please submit a request via the link underneath this article. In some cases, we may ask for more information (such as a proof of payment).

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