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Fraud by third parties

Please be very careful with your voucher codes. Only use them on official websites that accept the specific payment method. Never use your voucher codes to pay fines, advancements on loans or in lotteries. These are often used in attempts to scam people. Please also be aware of false "verification websites." Only use the official website in order to check the balance of your voucher code. These webistes can be found on the product page at

Never pass along voucher codes, completely or partially, to someone via email or phone and never use these codes to carry out transactions on Facebook, second-hand sites or auction sites. We have special Facebook Gift Cards with which you can add credit to your account.

We advise you not to pay for products with voucher codes on second-hand sites. It goes without saying that you should be careful when purchasing on second-hand sites anyway, but please be extra attentive when asked to pay with a voucher code. We can't trace what happens with the codes after issuing them, and it's almost impossible to proof that you paid with a code.

It's not possible to block an issued code. It's always the responsibility of the customer himself/herself not to give the code to third parties. If you have been scammed, we advise you to report this to the police.

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