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How can I avoid being scammed?

Please read our advice below to protect yourself from scammers:

  • We do not sell products on other channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp or other websites.
  • Please do not accept codes from people you don't personally know.
  • Only use a code on the official website of the product you bought. For example, when you bought an App Store & iTunes Giftcard, you should redeem your code only on the official Apple website:
  • Never use your codes to pay for something else like fines, advancements on loans or in lotteries. These are often used in attempts to scam people. Please also be aware of false "verification websites" that ask you to verify your code on their website.
  • Never pass along voucher codes, completely or partially, to someone via email or phone and never use these codes to carry out transactions on Facebook, second-hand sites or auction sites.

It's not possible for us to block an issued code. It's always the responsibility of the customer not to give the code to third parties. If you have been scammed, we advise you to report this to the police.

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