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My credit card payment failed

Sometimes credit card payments can fail or be declined. Below shows the most common reasons for this, what you can do to resolve the issue, and what to do if your bank states that your money is in reservation.

Most common cause of a failed credit card payment:

  • Not enough available credit or the maximum credit limit has been reached.
  • The bank of the credit card has issued a fraud alert for the card.
  • A card number, expiration date, address or security code has been incorrectly entered. This causes a payment attempt to fail.
  • The payment of the credit card account is past the due date. Therefore, the bank has paused all payments with the card.

What to do?
Contact your bank to find out the reason for the failure and how to fix it.

Money Reserved?
If your bank statement says your payment is still in reservation, this means that your bank still has to process the cancellation. Until they have, the amount is reserved on your bank account and still remains yours. After a failed payment we automatically cancel the payment and the money will remain on your account. However, the speed at which your bank releases the money depends on your bank. We don't have any influence on this process. If the reservation hasn’t been released within 5 working days, we suggest that you contact your bank or credit card supplier.

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